Above you will find links to the network of different sites connected
to Brent, while below you can see current projects and games.

On twitchsketch.ca you can find different games and
print and play card games. Scroll down and download a
unique printable game by Brent Wilde.

Contact me with any questions or if you are looking
to hire / work together on new projects. We can work on new projects
or you can get custom illustrations set up with twitchsketch.ca

Reel In is a 2 player printable card game with a Fishing theme.
Players compete in a tug-of-war between catching the fish
or escaping the fisher! Click above to view more.

You Betta Share! & It's a Principle Thing
Created by Exhibit "A" Designer Cards.
Art and Graphic design by Brent M. Wilde.

Roll in the Patients, the first game of twitchsketch.ca
Download this early design by clicking above.
PDF contents: Rules, Dice, & Score Sheet.

Puzzle Playing Cards: Animals
Created by Puzzle Playing Cards.
Art and Graphic design by Brent M. Wilde.

Designs and art work are by Brent M. Wilde for twitchsketch.ca. For any questions feel free to email twitchsketch@gmail.com.
As a note, do not steal any of the content from this web site. That’d be pretty lame. A lot of the designs on the site are
for home printing, but if you plan to use my work for self profit, well that’s not cool at all. twitchsketch.ca © 2012