Welcome to the e-home of Brent M. Wilde
Here on you can read comics or download print & play games!
Anything I work on will be connected to this site, so the more I learn
the more I'll share with everyone. Below are some of my proud features:

Here are the first Ten pages for Playing With Fire.
A new Webcomic by Corey Woof & Drawn by Brent Wilde!

Hey, guess what... here is a free to download Print & Play game!
Click above to see the Games up for grabs!

What we have here is the website of Brent Wilde (2014).
This site is here to share the Comics and Games designed by Brent,
as well as showcase his Design Portfolio. But not all of this site is Brent.
Where needed you'll find the credits for the people he has worked with and for.
Oh, and please don't steal the art on this page. That's just not cool.
Contact Brent and he'd be more then happy to work with you on your ideas and projects.